New Adult

Threads of Fate

$ 19.95 USD

A century-long peace in the Empire of Barlo has crumbled beneath the iron fist of the maligned tyrant Cyrus Arias. Rebellion in his conquered land has thrust the heirs of fallen rulers on a course of fate they never believed possible. Zedek, Tubias and Dragon, along with their followers, discover their true selves in a battle against the forces of darkness. They will all soon learn their worldly quarrels only scratch the surface of what threatens their existence; the many Realms may be on the precipice of complete annihilation. Threads of Fate is a tale of how fear could inspire courage, emptiness yearning and hate a raw determination to overcome.

College Bound

$ 14.95 USD

College Bound is a touching, coming-of-age story, which tells the tale of a young, working class man who overcomes financial challenges, alcoholism, and a devastating accident to attend college. The main character endures long, punishing hours in the hard rock construction trade and spends his evenings working on muscle cars but he dreams of a better life. He eventually sells everything he owns including his prized Shelby mustang to swap a life of cutting stone and pouring concrete for a college education. The novel follows the main character on a journey of self-discovery as he works his way through college, juggling a menagerie of jobs including set-up crew for a rock band and a stint in an army medical battalion, while living in a hard partying fraternity house that is thrown off campus for drug, alcohol and sexual code violations. This work of New Adult fiction is an authentic account of the college experience from the perspective of a “Joe Sixpack” who never thought becoming a “Joe College” graduate was in his life plan. College Bound is refreshingly honest and will have you laughing one minute and crying the next.