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Harold T. Bolieu Jr. was born September 7, 1948, in the Lilly/Duke Hospital in Baytown, Texas. Mr. Bolieu, a Vietnam Veteran who now lives with his wife of 24 years, in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he has written the first book of the Fleeting Shadows series titled “Jungle Stalkers”, and is presently at work on the second offering “Battle for Kontum”. With his experience and background, some who have read “Jungle Stalkers”, say he has put together one of the most exciting, action packed books written, entailing the Vietnam Experience. As they read, they were drawn into the story themselves.

Mr. Bolieu views life as a learning experience in progress. From the age of 14, he has worked various jobs from dishwasher, oil and water drilling rigs, work-over rigs, tug boats and road construction.

Although most of his writings, until now, have consisted of short stories of one kind or another, he has published a 120 page religious study titled “Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots”. But as most writers, he is looking for that first big break.

While being interviewed concerning this novel, he claimed it was easy to write because it is written from five true to life events and is 90 percent true. He also says writing the book brought back painful memories. Book II, deals with the battles known to most veterans as “The Tet Offensive” and is nearly half finished.

Vera Bužarovska (b.1931 Bitola – d.2013 Skopje) began her writing career in 1962, publishing more than forty works of prose and poetry for adults and children. Her novels center mainly on the fate of women in a patriarchal society. Of particular note is the novel Akčilnica (1974; The Last Summer in the Old Bazaar), a powerful autobiographical story of the author’s childhood and her hometown, Bitola, in the period before and during the Second World War.

(Paul Filev, Translator)